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Free IPTV Links World M3u (Updated) – 26/02/2021

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If you are looking for daily free iptv live channels links, Then you are in the right place ! We post free and updated iptv m3u lists every day, Due to iptv links expiration in a period of time.

Download free iptv M3U file playlists, Smart IPTV, M3U8, Premium IPTV for all devices, always free online lists.

We test all the Live TV Channels on the playlist before we broadcast them, and they work fine. but they may not work after a while.

Your m3u playlist isn’t working ? please try our newest list on our website or wait for a new one (we normally post daily – after 24hours from our latest post).

If this channel’s list isn’t working for you check our latest iptv m3u download for this category >> World IPTV

How to find & download your favorite iptv m3u list ?

Our Free IPTV website provide a simple and easy to use platform. however, this should help you browse more easily through playlists :

  • Through Searching: Go to the search button on the menu and type the list you’re looking for. for example : (USA IPTV, Canada IPTV Or Worldwide IPTV), And you’ll find what you’re looking for. if you don’t.. then we haven’t posted it yet or we don’t support the country you’re looking for, All of our supported countries are in the menu.
  • Notifications: Activate our notification system to keep you updated if we post any new iptv links.

We offer you the highest quality and enjoyable IPTV World List. More than 10K paid tv channels and free channels. You can watch all your favorite Sports and Movies…For free with 4FREEIPTV.

1. Fix Skipping IPTV Channels After Seconds in VLC :

See full tutorial about this issue here : Fix IPTV VLC issue Channel Change After few seconds 

This is the most frequent issue that every newbie face, Well you’re all-right..

it’s very simple here’s how to fix it >> Just click on the loop button, Like the image below shows .

Fix IPTV VLC issue Channel Change After few seconds 2
fix iptv vlc issue

2. Download this free iptv playlist ( World IPTV ):

The m3u links might not work, it may be that the internet is weak or the iptv link has expired. Therefore, You might need to wait for another playlist to be posted.

We offer you the latest update and the most stable and powerful m3u list, without freezing or interruption.

We will be publishing new m3u playlists every day so you can watch channels from all over the world for free.

For instance, This worldwide iptv playlist concludes two backup downloads.

Therefore, If the main m3u file doesn’t work or expired, In addition, you can download the backup files.

Here are some iptv tips for newbies to look for :

1. How to setup iptv free m3u file on Smart IPTV :

Full tutorial : How to Setup an IPTV Subscription On Smart IPTV APP ? (IPTVSub, IPTV Subscription Provider)

Setup free iptv m3u file on Smart IPTV

It’s very simple to use our free m3u on smart iptv app, just follow these steps :

  1. Go to your Smart TV (Samsung, LG, etc…) And Search for “Smart IPTV“.

    Smart iptv app should help you use our IPTV streams on Android TV, The application does not contain any channels, you have to add our m3u download which you should be able to download from here > download m3u iptv

  2. Smart iptv app give you only a trial you should pay for it (5.49 €)

    Open the Smart IPTV App. (You’ll read on your screen that you have a free test of this App for 7 days, then you will have to make a donation of 5.49 Euro at this link http://siptv.eu/activation/ to get a lifetime activation ).

  3. Write the mac address shown to you

    Your MAC Address will be displayed on your screen, write it down.

  4. Go to >> http://siptv.eu/mylist/

    This page should help you upload the free iptv list that’s been given to you

  5. Apply the mac address that you’ve written before

    Enter your MAC Address that you noted before from the Smart IPTV App.

  6. Choose the m3u and click upload or send.

    In this case the one you’ve downloaded from our website

  7. In case you have an iptv link click on the ‘Add link’ button.

    There is a way to export the iptv m3u server link, Using a test editor.

  8. When the playlist is uploaded, Go back to your TV and Restart.

    Once the playlist is uploaded, Go back to your TV and Restart the Smart IPTV App.

  9. Your channels list should be loaded.

    When you restart the app all channels that you’ve downloaded should be displayed.

  10. Enjoy !

2. Use our free iptv server on IPTV Smarters App :

free iptv server on IPTV Smarters App

IPTV Smarters is an android application and a media player For Android TV, Android Phones and Android Tab.

You can watch Live TV, VOD, Series & TV Catch-up on your Android Device (Mobiles, Android Boxes, Fire TV Stick etc.). In condition, You will need to enter your Username, Password and Server URL or m3u file that is provided to you by 4FREEIPTV.

2.1 Easy Tutorial on how to use our free m3u playlist on iptv smarters pro :

Q&A of most asked questions :

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> IPTV Explained (On Wikipedia)

What is m3u ?

> M3U file

Who we are & What Data we collect ?

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How to fix iptv channels stop ?

> Fix vlc channels skip now !

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